Almaty Zhailau 265
Type: interior | Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan | Area: 265 m²
The "Almaty Zhailau 265" project

The goal of the project was to embody an atmosphere of modern luxury. Our team created a space that incorporates high-class aesthetics and the latest trends in design.


The aesthetics of "Almaty Zhailau 265" are defined by a palette of exquisite and deep shades: silky peach, chestnut mahogany, golden saffron, and antique ivory. We used the highest quality natural materials such as Italian marble, leather, and engineered wood, creating an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication.


In this project, lighting plays a key role, highlighting the main accents of the interior. LED backlighting, crystal chandeliers, and innovative lighting control systems create a unique atmosphere of volumetric play within the interior.

Unique Decor

Our team utilized unique decorative items such as metal sculptures and collectible art pieces, which complement the space.

The "Almaty Zhailau 265" project is the embodiment of contemporary elite style, where luxury and innovation blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of our studio.

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