Miras Park 112
Type: interior | Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan | Area: 112 m²
The "Miras Park 112" project represents an apartment with an area of 112 square meters, located in the prestigious residential complex "Miras Park" in Almaty.

Our team aimed to combine elements of classical and minimalist styles, creating a unique harmony of traditional elegance and modern simplicity. We have worked extensively to design a thoughtful space with clean lines and attention to detail.

In the apartment's interior, special attention is paid to details such as brass and veneered elements. Brass accents, presented in the form of hardware, lighting fixtures, and decorative elements, add luxury and sophistication. Brass imparts a warm metallic sheen to the interior, harmoniously blending with natural materials and creating a sense of nobility. Veneered panels made of natural wood are used for wall and furniture finishes, adding natural texture and warmth to the interior.

The "Miras Park 112" project is an example of how minimalism and classic styles can combine to create a warm, cozy, and functional space.
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