Norway Bodo 272
Type: interior | Location: Bodo, Norway | Area: 272 m²
Project "Norway Bodo"

The project is located in the heart of Bodø, Norway. Bodø, situated above the Arctic Circle, is renowned for its stunning views of the Northern Lights, magnificent landscapes, and close proximity to nature. Our project is centrally located, providing convenient access to Bodø's main attractions and infrastructure.

The goal of the "Norway Bodo" project was to create a space that conveys the atmosphere of Scandinavian aesthetics. Our team aimed to showcase our vision of traditional Scandinavian style, blending it with minimalism.

In our project, we utilized local materials such as Scandinavian wood and natural stone. These materials emphasize the connection to the surrounding nature and give the interior a sense of authenticity. The soft furnishings are made of light bouclé and burlap, which not only create visual comfort but also provide pleasant tactile sensations.

"Norway Bodo" embodies modern Scandinavian style, where clean lines and natural materials harmoniously blend with coziness and warmth. Every element of the interior is meticulously designed to create a space where each detail plays its role.
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