Sensata Plaza 109
Type: interior | Location: Astana, Kazakhstan | Area: 109 m²
The "Sensata Plaza 109" project represents a unique fusion of aristocratic style and minimalism, creating a space where sophistication harmoniously blends with simplicity.

In developing the concept, we used a combination of dark oak, tinted glass, natural stone, and steel. These materials add depth and naturalness to the interior, emphasizing high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Dark oak brings warmth and nobility, tinted glass adds mystery and modernity, natural stone introduces strength and textural variety, and steel provides an industrial accent, enhancing the overall concept.

This combination of materials allows us to achieve harmony between elegance and functionality, creating an interior that is both luxurious and restrained. The "Sensata Plaza 109" project is an ideal balance between classic luxury and contemporary minimalism, offering a stylish and refined space for living and working.
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