Sky River 76
Type: interior | Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan| Area: 76 м²
The "Sky River 76" project aims to create a comfortable and stylish space with ethnic motifs.

Color Palette and Materials:

The project is based on natural and warm shades such as sandy, terracotta, ochre, earthy, and cream. To add coziness and warmth to the interior, natural veneer and parquet in warm tones are used.


Special attention is given to lighting. The client's primary requirement was the absence of chandeliers to give the interior lightness and airiness. In this project, floor lamps are the key elements of lighting. They not only emphasize the elegance and modernity of the design but also make the space more open and bright.

Ethnic Accents:

To add uniqueness and reflect the cultural heritage of the region, the interior features elements of ethnic style. These include traditional textile patterns, carved wooden elements, and vintage furniture pieces, which bring individuality and character to the space.

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